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Hi There! I'm Chams

As a DevOps and Cloud Computing enthusiast, I have a proven track record of successfully managing and deploying cloud based applications and systems. My expertise includes technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes. I am always seeking to improve my skills and learn something new.

  • Age: 24 y.o

  • Location: Tunis, Tunisia

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Cloud Computing Concepts
DevOps Tools & Technologies
Microsoft Azure

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Computer Science

Ariana, TUN

The Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology

Major : IT Architecture & Cloud Computing ☁

09/2017 - Ongoing

Professional experience

DevOps Intern


- Developed a web application for trainees management.
- Implemented source code obfuscation plugins/tools.
- Set up a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.

Tools / Technologies :
Kubernetes · Jenkins · Nginx · Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) · Docker · Git

Jul 2022 - Sep 2022

Full-stack Intern


Developed a scrum project management system where the end user can manage their projects, sprints and tasks in a simple and customizable way.

Tools / Technologies :
MySQL · Laravel · HTML5 · PHP · CSS

Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

My Projects

CD Project

Set up a CD pipeline for a front-end application (Angular). The Jenkins pipeline included multiple stages, such as containerizing the application with an automation tool, deploying it locally and continuously monitor our containers.

Tools / Technologies :
Jenkins · Git · Terraform · Docker · Ansible · Kubernetes

CI Project

Set up a CI pipeline for an N-tier data application (Spring Boot + Angular + MySQL). The Jenkins pipeline included stages to test the application, check source code quality, publishing the artifact to a local repository, containerizing and deploying it to the test environment.

Tools / Technologies :
Jenkins · Git · JUnit · SonarQube · Nexus · Docker · Docker-compose

Consomi Tounsi

Consomi Tounsi is a cloud based product management platform dedicated for selling 100% Tunisian products.

The project consists of 4 phases :
• Design : Extract functional features and technical constraints from specifications.
• Setting up the Infrastructure : Install and configure the deployment infrastructure.
• Software Deployment Environment : Deploy, configure and maintain Openshift Origin cluster using an automation tool.
• Application Development and deployment : Software development and deployment.

Additionally, after the nomination for the university's projects ball, I developed a guests management platform using QR codes to register the guests who joined our stand and wanted to try the application.

Tools / Technologies :
OpenStack · RabbitMQ · OpenShift · Dnsmasq · Ansible · Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) · Git · MySQL · Spring Boot · Angular


Developed a web, desktop and mobile applications called "Sportunus" within a group. The application helps its users choose/add fitness exercises in the most customizable way and also choose a convenient diet and keep track of macros depending on the plan they have.

Tools / Technologies :
MySQL · JavaFX · Symfony · CodeName One

Developed an e-commerce platform called "" within a group. The virtual customer was a local restaurant and the project covered many fields such as products management, cart management and customer support.

Tools / Technologies :

Password Cracking

Made a Shell Script with the help of John The Ripper tool in order to allow the super users to gather usernames and crack passwords for every user within the same local machine using Unix-like operating systems.

Tools / Technologies :
John the Ripper · Shell Scripting · C · Linux

Smart Medical Center

Developed a desktop C++ application named "Smart Medical Center". The goal of the application was to help medical professionals manage the patients medical charts, manage staff records and facilitate appointments planning. Also, I made a mockup using Arduino dedicated for the waiting room monitoring and management without the assistance/presence of any actor.

Tools / Technologies :
MySQL · Qt · C++ · Arduino

The Legacy of Eldrin

Developed a 2D iso RPG video game within a group. The video game was made from scratch, so the project had multiple phases such as characters design, map design and level design. We also made a gaming controller dedicated for this game using Arduino.

Tools / Technologies :
Adobe photoshop · Adobe illustrator · SDL · C · Arduino


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Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
· Microsoft ·


Cloud Computing

Ethics, Technology and Engineering
· 4TU/e x Coursera ·


Engineering Ethics

Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
· Google x Coursera ·


System administration

Engineering Project Management
· Rice x Coursera ·


Project management

Challenges & Awards

Cloud Temple Award

Awarded the Cloud Temple honorary award at the university's projects ball for our project "Consomi Tounsi" as the best Cloud Computing project of the year.


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Microsoft Ignite

Successfully completed Microsoft Ignite: Intelligent Cloud Challenge 2022 learning path that includes 26 modules related to Azure, covering different topics such as governance, security, networking and business continuity.


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